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Tape and Reel Services

Experience, Skill, Flexibility, Quality in the middle of Europe

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Combined operation for IC's Programming


Tape & Reel - The experienced team

Founded in 1986 in the early years of introduction of SMD components VDLE is one of the most experienced European leader in Tape & Reel products and services.

VLE has largely participated in the development of the IEC 60286-1, 2 & 3 standards and is currently present in the packaging working groups TC40-WG36.

Located in Tours, in the centre of France VDLE is in a heart of a logistics network for fast delivery over whole Europe and worldwide.

A full range of Taping Products and Services with customer's needs in mind

Developping and working with its own range of flexible, high speed equipment, VDLE offers tape & reel products:

  • According to IEC60286 & EIA 60481 standards

  • Full custom products for any specific component, constraint and shape.

VDLE engineering team is responding quickly while optimising the packaging solution according to customer needs both technically and economically.

VDLE offers taping services with fast scheduling thanks a set of more than 20 work places and manual, semi-automatic and high speed automatic equipment:

  • Standard components,

  • Custom devices,

  • SMD, electronic and mechanical devices,

  • Radial and Axial components

  • Dice

  • Micromodules


  • Inspection of Coplanarity

  • Bake, Dry, Dry Pack


  • Fast turn-around thanks to fully automatised mechanical shop and store, fast reconfiguration of production equipment.

  • Adaptation to small quantities to large volume

  • Quality programme with full traceability

  • Full conservation of customer's specific tooling with fast retrieval

  • Long term partnership and flexibility to customer's needs

VDLE offers combined operations for Programming of IC's and Taping

  • In cooperation with ELSIL based in Bordeaux

  • 70 000 devices types and 250 packages ready programmes

  • Integrated Logistics within Microsil Group

Fast turn-around and delivery

VDLE logistics is managing fast turn-around and delivery:

  • Same day processing with premium Quality service

  • 48, 24 hours, over-night delivery in Europe and drop shipment to insure the fastest door to door delivery.

  • Combined operations with ELSIL (Microsil Group) for Programming Integrated Circuits


Carrier tape

Development and Production of Carrier Tapes – Flexibility, Quality, precision

  • More than 700 standard types of cavities on stock, and flexible tooling insure fast adaptation to all specific requirements.

  • Uptodate measuring systems to insure Quality, optimised, reliable production.

  • Width 8 to 200 mm, Thickness 0,2 to 0,5 mm and Non-Standard Width and Shape

  • Raw material:

    • PVC / antistatic PVC

    • Conducting PS

    • PET / antistatic PET

    • Conducting PC.

  • Positive and negative processes for more design flexibility

  • Tubes on request

Cover tape

Heat-seal cover tape

  • Conforms to international standards.
    19/40 micron polyester or polyethylene film, available in "standard" and "antistatic" versions.

  • Standard widths: 5.4 to 49.4 mm and customer request

Adhesive cover tape (antistatic)

  • Standard widths: 5.4 to 49.4 mm and customer request

The heat-seal and anti-static adhesive cover tapes characteristics are effective on any type of carrier type material.


Reels for SMD, Radial, Axial and smart card


  • SMD component reels complying with IEC 60286-3

    • 180 mm diam., polystyrene, for 8 to 24 mm tape widths

    • 330, 360, 380 & 560 mm diam., polystyrene, for 8 to 88 mm tape widths

  • Reels for radial and axial components (IEC 60286-2, IEC 60286-1)

    • 330 mm diam., 42,70, 90, 95, 100 and 110mm width, polystyrene.

  • Smart cards transport reels

    • 330 mm diameter, conductive carbon polystyrene

(surface resistance 104 ohms/square), for 37 mm tape width.

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