Experience and skill, a design and test house for mixed signal.

In Europe, close to you, close to your needs, a solution for your Integrated Circuit



Fabless Centre for Engineering and Test (Facet) has taken over the design and test activities of Silway Semiconductors in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Facet team of 50 people is providing continuous relationship for 12 years in the design and test of mixed signal analogue-digital circuits.

Facet operates a class 10 000 clean room for test production on 300m2 with local conditions to profile space class environment.

Facet is an independant Company with physical persons as shareholders, European based.

Managing the flow of Integrated Circuits

    • Design of mixed signal Integrated Circuits

      • From small signal to power and high voltage

      • The specialist of sensors and signal processing

      • Reengineering of obsolete products

      • And more

    • Turn-key

      • Your Integrated Circuit from specification to full production

      • From a couple of thousand pieces to very large volumes, for each case an industrial solution, cost optimised

    • Test engineering – Production Test

      • Test engineering

      • Characterisation on wafer or packaged devices

      • Volume probing, in clean room with local space cleaness

      • Final test, all quantities

      • Porting of test for integration of packaging and test, drop shipment

    • Supply Chain

      • Dedicated team
      • Logistics follow-up in Europe and outside

      • Passive/active improvement

    • Product Engineering

      • Industrialisation

      • Quality and Yield follow-up

      • Quality and Reliability improvement

    • Reliability

      • Burn-in, Life test, cycling, embedded in test and characterisation services

      • Development of specific boards locally according to customer needs

    • Microsystems Development

      • Support for test, life test

      • Analogue interface, microprocessor boards and power boards development

      • Test oriented control modules for boards and micromodules

      • Development on Labview

    • A Team

      • A Team of 50 people

      • 13 years experience

Flexibility – A solution to your needs

By cooperation with Fabless Centre for Engineering and Test (Facet), Sofia – Bulgaria,
a solution to your needs in your field of activity, telecom, consumer, military, industrial, space and avionics.

Facet offers :

  • A global solution, turn-key product,

  • or is providing engineering and production services in any of its fields of activity.

  • On site technical assistance is also available as required.

Facet is ISO9001-2000 certified


Fabless Centre for Engineering and Test

7th km Tzarigradsko Chaussee – 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

Samokovsko Chaussee, 2 – 1138 Sofia

Tel : +359 2 971 89 80 - Fax : +359 2 975 37 62

E-mail : office@fabless-cet.com



27 Rue Deparcieux Paris 75014, France

Tel : +33 46 45 02 98 - Gsm : +33 6 07 60 31 77

Fax : +33 1 46 44 00 70

email : claude.iroulart@zedsil.com

is your contact in Europe for :

  • Finalising Technical Specification

  • Commercial contract

  • Development follow-up

  • Organising visits, meetings and conference calls