ZedSIL is founded by Claude Iroulart in 2008, to connect suppliers and clients looking to custom solutions for Electronics and Microelectronics.

The target is to offer a wide range of products and services, solutions to specific needs of our clients, each one being cutomised and optimised.

The knowledge acquired during the professional life of Claude Iroulart is the background of this activity:

  • Engineering and Technico-commercial work within Philips components for 10 years, application work, integrated circuits, ASIC, Product engineer.

  • Creating a Design House for ASIC's

  • Consultant in Development Methodologies and Innovation in a French Consulting Group

  • 12 years experience managing a Semiconductor Company in Bulgaria keeping contact with all aspects of the development and production of Integrated Circuits.

Several European foundings have been granted by customers or companies of his Group thanks to technical intervention,

the pleasure to Innovate and always a solution for a difficult case,

the taste of diversity in Projects,

Claude Iroulart is ready to help you in each step of your development.

ASIC or Integrated Circuits, whatever needs, global (turn-key starting from specification) or part of the flow (Design, Test, Characterisation, Reliability, Application support).

For Tape & Reel, standard product on the shelf, specific products with short delivery time, a fully trimmed logistics

Gained from experience in microelectronics, this approach is also connected to years of collaboration with today partners, FACET and VDLE.


Claude Iroulart
27 Rue Deparcieux Paris 75014
Tel : +33 6 07 60 31 77
Fax : +33 1 46 44 00 70
email : claude.iroulart@zedsil.com